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Henri Rand Furgiuele, M.A.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the common reasons clients come to you for healing?

A. It varies. People come with physical complaints that can range from an inability to sleep or relax, to chronic pain, to something they consider more serious, such as a disease. They also come in with sick pets, hyperactive children, and ailing plants. (They heal, too.)

Usually there is a physical complaint that triggers the visit, but sometimes clients are looking for greater clarity or focus, especially if they are going through a transition of some kind. Some come because they are feeling stuck somewhere. It really doesn't matter why they come, because whether they perceive the situation as physical, psychological, spiritual or emotional, the issues are all connected. They all reflect somewhere in the body. You can see it in how they walk, the set of their jaw or their shoulders, the tension in their voice. It is especially visible in the cranial area and along the spine, and this is where I usually begin to work.



Q. What can a client expect during a Quantum-Touch session?

A. Usually there is some pre-track to the session, such as a telephone inquiry, where I learn the clients' concerns and what they are expecting from the session. I explain about Quantum-Touch and how it works, and relate this technique to other modalities that they may have experienced.

I also explain the difference between healing and curing. Curing eliminates the immediate symptoms. Healing goes deeper, and addresses core issues as well as the surface complaint. Its goal is to make whole or complete. It is an ongoing process, sometimes simple, sometimes layered, but always yielding a deeper knowledge of yourself and your experience. That's why we call this energy HEALING. It expands the focus to more than the immediate circumstance that brought the client in the door.

When clients arrive for their appointment, we chat briefly, and then I begin to run energy, my hands lightly touching various points on their head and neck, down the spine and along the back. Clients can stand, sit, or lie down on a bodywork table, whatever is most comfortable for them. When I first began this work, I only had clients sit upright or stand. I soon discovered that most clients relaxed into very deep, meditative states during sessions, so that I was literally holding them upright while I worked. That's when I began using a bodywork table.

After working with the client's head and spine, I move to specific areas of pain or trauma people may be experiencing. I also like to work with the hands and feet, and of course with the chakras. It is all very fluid, because I'm responding to the specific shifts in their energy, both on and off the body.

From the outside, it looks quiet and serene. But on an energetic level, a great deal is happening. Seeing bones shift back into alignment with just a light touch is only the outermost layer. Countless other changes are occurring on a subatomic level. Some clients can experience this consciously, if they are sensitive to energy. Others may simply feel relaxed.  

Two days ago, a 65-year old client said that after the session, he felt as though he was floating in air. I've seen people walk in, shoulders drawn taut, face wan, eyes dulled, and walk out an hour later looking rested, radiant and years younger. The bottom line is that we all have an amazing ability to heal ourselves. We simply need to access that energy, and it is so very easy to do.



Q. How long are the sessions?

A. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 85 or 90, depending on what is needed at the time. The energy will continue to work for another 2 to 3 days afterward, and clients often experience significant healing after they've gone home and had a good night's rest. I always suggest that people drink lots of water after any kind of healing work.



Q. How does the technique work?

A. Very simply, it is based on two principles: resonance and entrainment. Quantum-Touch practitioners learn, through various breathing, mental focusing and body awareness techniques, to increase the frequency of their own vibration. This means that we are able to allow more Life Force Energy to flow through us. This field of life force energy creates a resonance which the client entrains to at a very deep level, and it is during this process that healing occurs. Let me explain.

The energy in energy healing is Universal Life Force Energy. It is the animating current of life. We've known about this for millennia. Some call it mana. In China or Japan, it is qi (chi) or ki. In India, they refer to it as prana. It is the same energy that fills us when we are out in nature, in sunshine or by the ocean.

All aspects of ourselves (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional) are nourished by this energy. In Quantum-Touch, practitioners learn how to increase the amount of this energy flowing through them, using various breathing and mental focusing techniques. This raises the rate at which their energy fields are vibrating. Clients simply entrain to that field, that is, their own energy field begins to vibrate faster, to match it in rhythm and phase. This means that they now have more life force energy available. It's a simple equation. The more life force energy we have, the healthier we are.

It's done very naturally, the same way we recharge when we are at the beach or in a forest. Most of us aren't even aware of the process, but it's an essential part of our life support system. It can be deeply relaxing and quite profound in its effects.

What this means, however, is that when I work with a client, I'm not the one doing the healing. They are. All I do is provide them with a kind of "energy nutrition" which their inner wisdom will put to use, the same way it would digest the food they had for breakfast.

Am I giving them my own energy? No, it's the universal life energy I'm tapping into, not my personal energy field. Do I get drained by this? Absolutely not. In fact, the energy is giving me a healing as it flows through me. I actually feel better at the end of a day of healing sessions than I did at the beginning. Wouldn't we all like to say that about our work?



Q. What interested you in a healing practice? How did you begin?

A. I got involved in Quantum-Touch when I met its founder, Richard Gordon. I took a weekend workshop in Boston where he taught the technique, and knew almost immediately that I wanted to continue working in this field. I took many more workshops, became a certified practitioner, and eventually began teaching it across the country.

Although I enjoy client sessions very much, I've discovered an even greater joy in teaching the technique to others. It is probably the easiest skill you will ever learn. I've taught 8 year old kids and 85-year-old grandpas. There is something enormously satisfying in helping people connect with their own well-being, in showing them how to access it on their own.

One of my favorite things about this technique is that it can be used by itself or to enhance other healing modalities. You can use it on yourself, your family or friends, in person or at a distance, on plants and animals. I've even used it to keep equipment running. Strange, I know, but it works!

The truth is, when we align our breathing with our intention and focus, we can move mountains. We are aligning with the earth, with source energy, life energy, whatever name you choose. Quantum-Touch is one of the simplest techniques know to facilitate that connection. It is a remarkable resource, one that I encourage everyone to try.



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