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Henri Rand Furgiuele, M.A.
Oahu Island


Available Upon Request   


ancient healing pondview from sacred mountain toward the oceansacred mountain  






After many years of holding "open" retreats for visitors from Japan and elsewhere, I am now offering healing experientials only upon request. 

This means that the retreat you experience will be unique, created according to your healing preferences, and designed specifically for you.

Retreats can be for one day or several days, up to one week.   Group size can range from one to ten adults (ten is the maximum).  This means that each person who attends will have more opportunity for individualized healing.

All events will be conducted in English.  For those visiting from other countries, professional interpretation can be arranged.   

Our time will be spent in an ongoing cycle of learning, experiencing, relaxing.  I will be teaching Energy ALIVE ® healing classes.   These are powerful sessions where you'll learn energy healing techniques that open your mind and heart, and fill your body with well-being.   For more information about Energy-ALIVE, please see the website:

Other activities can include swimming with sea turtles in their natural playground, visiting ancient healing ponds, and experiencing some of my favorite places on Oahu where the energy is incredible.  These are very special parts of Oahu, quite different from the usual tourist fare. 

In this kind of setting, a natural synchronicity abounds. There is so much laughter, joy and universal healing present that transformation begins to occur spontaneously.    It happens whether participants are in class or out.  

So please join us.   Create for yourself a beautiful bridge between what is happening now in your life, and what you want to emerge.   

With love and aloha,


Testimonials from former attendees are available on request.





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